La hora del té de Amigos Ingleses La hora del té de Amigos Ingleses

Hi, pleased to teach you!

¿Puedes sacar un 10 en este examen de inglés?

A cold shower in the winter, slow internet , stickers on apples, no toothpaste left, your neighbour’s alarm going off at 5 a.m … 🙈 ¿Verdad que hay cosas peores que un examen de phrasal verbs?

Pues venga, ahora que ya te hemos preparado psicológicamente, estás listo/a para empezar el test. Can you get them all correct? Let’s see!   

Brilliant! You survived! 

Aquí debajo te dejamos la lista de phrasal verbs que hemos visto en el vídeo.

👉 To look up to someone: admirar, respetar.

“I really looked up to Stephen Hawking, the man who taught us about the universe from his wheelchair.”

👉 To put up with: aguantar, tolerar.

“I need to start looking for another job. I can’t put up with my boss anymore.”

👉 To cut down on: bajar, reducir el consumo.

“You should cut down on sugar if you want to lose some weight.”

👉 To run out of: acabarse.

“I’d offer you a sandwich if I hadn’t run out of bread.”

👉 To take after: parecerse (caracter, personalidad y/o físicamente).

“Anna really takes after her mother, both have the same short temper.”

👉 To come accross: toparse con algo.

“I came accross a new library in town yesterday and I got myself a new book.”

👉 To make up: inventarse.

“How can you make up such great stories? You should write a book!”

👉 To show off: presumir.

“I really can’t stand people showing off about their children’s grades.”

👉 To live up to: cumplir las expectativas, estar a la altura.

“The chocolate cake didn’t live up to my expectations.”

👉 To wear (something / someone) out: desgastar, agotar .

“I’ve been working for 12 hours, I’m completely worn out.”

“If you use those shoes every day they’ll wear out quickly.”

And one for luck!

👉 To pass away: fallecer.

“Why are you crying darling?”

“My grandma passed away last night.”

¡Comparte tu resultado en los comentarios! Keep calm & love phrasal verbs! 💂‍♂️✌️


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