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Email communication with China after earthquake

Afortunadamente solo tengo contacto con China via email, son nuestros proveedores y laboratorio (en Kowloon, HKG). Y trabajan duro para sobreponerse de la catástrofe, segunda en la zona y que sacude las noticias de Europa: primero Birmania y ahora el terremoto en China. Os iré pasando los emails que vamos cruzándonos Ally y yo desde ayer tarde.

Ally, Europe is still shocked on the News on China about the earthquake. Our sincere condolences from Spain. 

Dear Luis, Thanks for your caring about earthquake in China,it was a large disaster for the disastrous people whom were effected so much, they have nothing now,and a lot of people lost their lives(it is the largest earthquake hit at this area since the foundation of republic of China). It was happed near my hometown where my parents and relatives are living, but it effected not so much to them, only a lot of tiles were fall off(I called them yesterday afternoon, they already put the new tiles on), and for the neighbors’s house, which are very old, were collapsed,(very lucky, ours was bult 1 year before, so it was not collapsed,) and these days all the people in my hometown are sleeping on the road, they are having the most terrible days of their life, according to the scientists maybe the earthquake will still hit in these days, hope it will not effect too much too those people again.

Ally, I imagine you must be having hard and demanding days in China now. On the one hand proving the world your country can take off rapidly at international scene, getting ready for Olympics in Beijing, on the other hand still re-building lots of rural areas and what disaster may have caused. All the strength and energy from here. Glad to hear no one from your family is affected.

Luis, Also all of us here thanks for your encouragement.

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  1. Dice ser sylvie

    Esperemos que los cientificos se equivoquen…y no vuelva a sacudirles…
    Joder…pobres…vaya racha…

    14 mayo 2008 | 13:14

  2. Dice ser PabloNSN

    Mi único contacto con China es la lectura, de vez en cuando, del blog de Chinochano, quien informa que China sigue conmocionada (y da este enlace a unas desoladoras imágenes del terremoto publicadas en un blog llamado «EastSouthWestNorth»)

    14 mayo 2008 | 23:26

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