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"Knee injury and patologies after running related to syphonic operations" (Int.J.Med.Vac.A.)

Os pego aquí el artículo que acaban de aceptarme en la International Journal on Medicine for Vacant Arseholes

[indexado como: Arribas, L. (2009) «Knee injury and patologies after running related to syphonic operations»]. Está en inglés pero es fácil de seguir. Copyleft.

Research Abstract & proposal (Resumen detallado: propuesta de investigación).

Having inadvertently gone onto a running session of 11.6km and returned with a shallow rest period at vacational training scheme, I performed a regressive cold shower and stretching session, as recommended in McRoca et al. (1995; pp:12-15)
Anyone who knows me acknowledges the risk of letting body hair into the cistern -For further insight, check sound and sufficient research on hairy joggers and syphonics at The Ball Rolls and Flushes (Cluwers Gournals, 2006)- After shower, I assumed my syphonic toilet didn’t work properly.

Research operationalisation:
After dismantling the system (what is called in toilet literature as ‘not enough water came into the pan and the suction was insufficilent’ phenomenon’) I carefully and systematically read the description of the whole system of syphonic toilet. Rubber disc, the whole, hair and pieces of human waste (Pynkerton & Gorrinson, 2005). Not being a plumber nor an expert as my father in law is (García, 2008), I hadn’t realised the significance of being at work with my knees on the ground for a period of time. After the entire operation, tight sealed, cistern reviewed, water flows checked and air drawn out on flushing, got up. My left knee scratched and hurt.

Research questions: Cartilage, disfunctional running, age-related injuries? This article will show light on all in a row.

El artículo completo lo podéis pedir a la editorial de la revista. Su enlace es este.


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  1. Dice ser Zero

    Definitely, you have lost the clothe peg.
    Jodíos cordelillos de fuera… 😀

    26 agosto 2009 | 08:58

  2. Dice ser blus

    Good morning sir,
    I am very interested and excited about the topic but no clue about where to find the: «International Journal on Medicine for Vacant Arseholes»,
    will you be so kind to inform me?. Also, I would need the services of your father in law since I have some problems in my toilet as well,
    many thanks and pls continue with your research which puts light on many convenient aspects of running,
    sincerely yours,

    26 agosto 2009 | 12:42

  3. Dice ser Janis Joplin

    Dis is a very interestin riding. Ai guant tu jaf yor inteliyens an rait articols laik dis.

    Lot of jags an quises from yor frend Janis.

    26 agosto 2009 | 13:39

  4. Dice ser nachoenfuga

    Pocoyo, Eli, Pato and Pajaroto have no problems with their knees. They don´t flex them.

    26 agosto 2009 | 21:39

  5. spanjaard

    Dear Blus,
    Thanks for your reaction. The Int.Med.Vac.Arse., as you may have found in Science indexes, shall only be purchased via Caiman Islands Brillingham Editors. Send me your VISA number and the rest will be wiggly peanuts.

    Dear Janis,
    Thouht you were dead. But the only dead thing is your writing skills. Nice to read.

    Dear Nacho,
    Exactly. Non-bending cartoon mammals and birs have been allegedly lied generations of children about their walking and running abilities. Martin Fiz hinself reacted in an Editors note (Raners Guol, issue 298, Jan.2009) ‘Estimado Pocoyo, no entiendo cómo pronas y a la vez tienes el colgajillo interior de la rodilla afectado. Tú no tienes rodillas’.

    All yours imbecilly. Spanjaard.

    27 agosto 2009 | 07:20

  6. Dice ser deprisa

    Mi condropatia te saluda, soy incapaz de leer estas cosa y que no me duela, sera algo mental pero eso ya no tiene cura, buen articulo.

    27 agosto 2009 | 22:12

  7. Dice ser Carlos


    29 agosto 2009 | 19:58

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