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Professional photo with a toy camera

Here is the last part of the interview with the photographer Balazs Gardi winner in the news category of The World Press Photo 2008. He answered the questions that our readers left for him in the post called «The Best Photo of World Press Photo»; in which our readers chose Mr. Gardi’s as the best of the lot.

The first three parts at: Interview with Balazs Gardi winner of the World Press Photo (I)

Here you have the last part and if you want to read the Spanish translation click here.

12) What shot, that you haven’t taken, would you like to take?by Marc

I’d like to take images that have impact regardless of what’s in the image. When I’m taking photos I’m rarely considering any kind of esthetics I’m more taking pictures for various other reasons, and one of those reasons and the most important one is that I like to change people’s minds. I like to show reality as I see [it] and I like share it with people. So, if people see my images, what I want from them is to start thinking and probably start thinking in new ways. And the images that I’d like to take in the future are images that are actually going to change people’s minds and open their eyes on issues that I think important.


13)I saw on your web site that you visited Spain recently, what did you like the most? And the least? Which city that you have visited is it the most photogenic?mitomano

I think in Spain what I liked the most was the people; and not to mention the food, I really like it. I myself have a Mexican girlfriend and I’m trying my best to learn Spanish. Then, do you speak Spanish? No, no, no, no, it’s very, very hard for me; my girlfriend is not a good teacher so I know very little and I wouldn’t be able to speak in Spanish, unfortunately. I was in Barcelona many times which I really like and the last time I was [in Spain], I was in Madrid; and I mean that I was working there photographing something outside of Madrid but what I really like about it is like I saw twenty museums when I was there especially the Thyssen. I really enjoyed their exhibition so I hope that’s the answer [the reader] was looking for.

Which is the most photogenic? Sometimes I think that Barcelona is very interesting photographically, and I felt really good in Madrid, I think Madrid is also a fantastic city. I think that some parts in Barcelona are probably a little bit more interesting for me personally as a photographer especially the disappearing parts of Barcelona, but I never really had the chance to photograph in Spain, it was more being a tourist there or just using Barcelona as a hub to travel. Anyway I’d really like to go to Spain one day to photograph.

14) When did you touch your first camera?by Estamos a la que salta

I was not really interested photography until I had to decide after high school what to do. So, basically when I was 18, I went to study photography. It was by accident; I didn’t want to be a photographer or anything. It’s just that it was an easy option to get away from the kind of office jobs which I really hated. So when I went to school, after becoming 18, was my first camera.


15) Hi, I’d like to know how you bought your first photography equipment.by Vero

I’d like to emphasize that photography really doesn’t depend on the equipment. I don’t believe that most expensive cameras take the best pictures. In fact, the latest camera I started to photograph with is a plastic toy camera and it cost 20 US$ and I take, I think the best images with that camera. So, I think, again, images are made in minds. You have to have the ability to catch those moments by taking the image, but I think it’s not about the equipment, it’s about you.

What I suggest for every photographer is to think about why they are [ taking photos of], what’s the meaning behind it, and what’s the reason they are doing it and really stop focusing on the latest and most expensive camera gear because that camera is not going to take the picture. Always you the photographer [are the one] who’s making the picture.


16) Balancing your profession with your personal live must be a bit complicated. Do you have a wife and children?by Pablo

I just said I have a girlfriend and sometimes it’s not easy for her; it’s not easy for me to [inaudible] She’s travelling a lot also, so we meet very frequently, like we spend at least ten days a month together and I try to keep it this way but she understands the nature of my job and I try to understand and appreciate her needs. So, I try to travel in a smarter way so I can do my job still but I can also spend some time with her. But, obviously if you ask the wife or girlfriend of a photographer, they don’t think it’s a good job. But I think it’s the best job on earth. So we should just try to keep the balance.

Do you agree with Balazs when he saids:

I don’t believe that most expensive cameras take the best pictures.

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