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Bottom: a necessity

As you bunch of effortless readers can see in the blog headings, we welcome Rick Mayall. No, he is not signed as writer here, I wish he was. He will sort of spiritually guide writings and trottings, should almighty God gives us his grant. Richard Mayall and Adrian Edmonson were part of Bottom, a comedy wrap produced and forecasted at BBC in the beginning of 1990s. Defined as ‘Equally revolting, vicious and arrogant, they spend their lives avoiding work and instead living in filth, devising hair-brained moneymaking schemes and deluded plans to snare beautiful women’.

But Bottom is more than a mere provoking agent, a so-called penchant for ultra-violence. It is a necessity. Mayall and Edmonson had been involved in the growth of the alternative comedy, movement of extreme dynamism and carelesness shortage, punk-rocking, critical to .. oh blimey, am I getting extremely excited seeing how much we had in common when I discovered them in The Young Ones in the late 80s (another crossroad in tv, with the peak episodes and parodies of Spitting Image). Why the moment has been so crucial to this bloody Spanjaard? Shouldn’t it be more crucial to poor Britons that had Margaret Thatcher until 1990, a fucked up railway system, a privatised NHS (your Seguridad Social, save a visit to the wiki) and schools poverishing? Nope.

For me it was the era of my growth at Harwich, Essex. Late eighties mean the discovery of british punk bands, getting abroad, developing a deep understanding of that isolated UK that shares so many institutions with us loose spaniards. And a peak, the culmination, the apogee, when I assisted to chapter one of Bottom in 1991 in BBC Two. Oh yes, oh yes, this is a bloody sad running blog… I also ran a lot. An awful lot, I ran Clacton-on-Sea ten miles, I ran to Colchester, I bloody ran to Manningtree. But we are talking about Richard Mayall. Rick incarnates a spirit to me, Adrian too, right, RIGHT, I SAID ROOOIGHT!!!!. This is getting too thick… Mayall starred as «Richard ‘Richie’ Richard» alongside Edmondson’s «Eddie Elizabeth Hitler». Enough to deliver a pinch of dressing of a concept. Such characters can only appear from the most perverse writers’ heads but I am sad to say that they also wrote it.

Are you beginning to understand why I hate Spanish sitcoms, Spanish tv series and, broadly speaking, the entire Spanish tv range?

I hate navy blue too. But you’ve had too much of this recently.

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  1. Dice ser nachoenfuga

    ¡The hen!
    (Not the end).

    26 noviembre 2008 | 12:23

  2. Dice ser Garbanzito

    Pollas como ollas, o como mangas de un abrigo…

    26 noviembre 2008 | 14:52

  3. Dice ser Bandoneon

    Not the end, nor neither the hen, just the hemp. Ejemmm.

    26 noviembre 2008 | 20:44

  4. Dice ser nachoenfuga

    Not the end, not the hen, not the hemp. Fuck them (the bottoms).

    26 noviembre 2008 | 21:44

  5. Dice ser Commedia

    «I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.» (Groucho Marx)

    01 diciembre 2008 | 02:42

  6. Dice ser nachoenfuga

    (Dejemos el «speaking in silver» para otro post).

    Pobre Groucho: si la mitad de las frases que se le atribuyen fueran realmente de él, no hubiera tenido tiempo en vida de comer o de dormir. ¡Como iba a ver la tele, si tenía que estar hablando continuamente para dejar alguna cita memorable!

    La tele me parece tan mala/buena como el teléfono móvil, el correr, la marihuana, los cocidos, internet y la cerveza. Quizá lo bueno/malo es el cerebro que decide ver,llamar, poner un pie delante del otro, fumar, comer, navegar y beber.

    En la tele sale Wyoming, el debate de CNN Plus, las retransimsiones deportivas, determinados tratamientos de las noticias, lo que queda salvable de CQC, algunas películas (para quien le guste el cine, Camera café,… Sí, también Julián Muñoz, Mira quien baila y Belén Esteban, pero para eso está el botón OFF.

    Renegar de la tele… ¿no será matar al mensajero? O necesitar de un Gran Hermano (eeehhhh) que vele por nosotros y así no tener que tomar decisiones? Un Gran Hermano de verdad, no de lo que la población entiende por Gran Hermano desde hace diez años.

    01 diciembre 2008 | 09:49

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