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Frases en inglés para la oficina

Vuelta a la oficina, bye bye ‘playa’, see you at the weekend ‘long siestas’, cheerio ‘torrijas’ … El fin de las vacaciones de Semana Santa siempre es algo más llevadero aprendiendo unas frases y expresiones para presumir de inglés entre tus ‘peers’ o ‘colleagues’ de trabajo.


To be on the same page

Literalmente: estar en la misma página.

Significa: estar de acuerdo o conforme con alguien / algo, aunque también puede referirse a formas similares de pensar o a haber entendido algo.


  • I’m going to schedule a meeting to make sure all our team members are on the same page.
  • Can we discuss our presentation? I’m not sure if you’re on the same page as me.

A lot on (one’s) plate

Literalmente: mucho en el plato.

Significa: tener muchas cosas entre manos (proyectos, obligaciones, problemas, etc).


  • I can’t make it to the party because I’ve got too much on my plate at the moment with this new project.
  • I’ve got to pick up the kids, clean the house, do the shopping, fix the car, call the plumber and defrost the fridge. So, I’ve got enough on my plate without you asking me for favours thank you very much!

From scratch

Literalmente: desde rasguño / arañazo.

Significa: hacer o empezar algo desde cero.


  • I’m a bit tired of the employee rotation in this company, it’s like having to start from scratch over and over.
  • This business has been a total failure. We’re going to have to think of something new and start from scratch.

In a nutshell

Literalmente: en una cáscara de nuez.

Significa: en resumen, en pocas palabras, en resumidas cuentas.


Just to put it in a nutshell, we have to reduce our costs by 10% if we want to reach our yearly goal.

In a nutshell, I’ll be taking over the project while your manager is off sick.

To stick to it

Literalmente: pegarse a ello.

Significa: mantener algo, continuar con una actividad o plan sin cambios.


I’m afraid this is the new company policy and all the employees must stick to it.

I always say I’m going to stop eating biscuits, but can never seem to stick to it.

We need to stick to this schedule very strictly if we want to finish this campaign on time.

By all means

Literalmente: por todos los medios.

Significa: por supuesto.


We’re having some technicals issues. Can you have a look at it, please?

By all means!

It’s a deal

Literalmente: es un trato.

Significa: trato hecho. También es muy común hablar de ‘good deals’ y ‘ bad deals’, o lo que es lo mismo, buenos o malos tratos / negocios.


-We’re willing to buy your website for 1 billion pounds. How does that sound?

-You’ve got yourself a deal!


-I think it’s a good deal. They offer us a 30% commission on every first sale plus 10% for recurrent transactions.

My apologies, but we cannot sign this contract, unless you offer us a better deal.

Team up

Literalmente: equipo arriba.

Significa: juntarse, asociarse.


We’ve teamed up with the local newspaper in order to promote our new restaurant.

That’s it for now folks!

Keep calm & don’t work too hard 💂‍♂️✌️

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