Goldman Sachs is not an after shave Goldman Sachs is not an after shave

Tampoco Breton Woods es una marca de Whisky. Porque el periodismo internacional no es solo cosa de hombres, ocho mujeres ofrecen un punto de vista diferente sobre lo que pasa en el mundo.

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Kind McDonald had a farm

ImageAccording to FAO, one third of the total production of food in the world is wasted, an amount that tops 1,300 million Tons per year. This means that each European and North American throws to the wastebin between 95 and 115 kg/year, due to consuming habits, and that in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central Asia, 6 to 11 kg are lost because of lack of distribution and refrigeration.

In a world where 870 million people do not have enough to eat, this reality is intolerable. That is why we have spoken with Gary McDonald, President of a Senior Gleaners, an NGO situated in Sacramento, California, who struggles to make his environment a bit more well-fed.

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